The objective of this study is to search the university basis of partnership with industry & building modal to become the need of the industry. The study was done through the analytical view of the publications & literature on the topic.

Universities are organizations that perform a key role within contemporary societies by
educating proportions of the population and generating knowledge. The exchange between
industry and academia is also vital in engineering education. 

Coming days & years are the most demanding and transformative period in engineering education history. Challenges that areunique in their number, nature, and scale will impact the ability of the engineering education system and its institutions to carry out the core missions of teaching, learning, and research.

Challenges related to who we teach and employ, and the learning and work styles and
expectations they bring to our institutions. This will include challenges related to the role are
expected to play in advancing the economic development and competitiveness of our country 
and nation, as well as the lives, jobs, and careers of university graduates. 

New engineering university option is to become a leader of these trends, shaping their direction and impact, or face being university like existing (around the globe). should be the systematic response to the education, economic, and technological leadership challenges Pakistan faces. 


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