1. Listen every news – specially which compel you for selling and forgetting that market has kept allowance for all these. 2. Get nervous on the minor fluctuations 3. Enter the stock which has already gain – Late entry or going with herd approach without having his own approach 4. Holding the stock long enough for the hopes it will go up which already oversold and appreciated 5. Lack of memory and virtue of patience 6. Don’t wait the period of dullness and enter the market without any directional Bias.

Do not care the Following also lead to Losing:

1 -Contraction of volumes lead to bearish trend

2- There is no news in Bull market – Always a reason & Always a News

  • Trading styles Knowledge – Prior to developing a strategy Each trading style, whether long-term or short-term, will allow you to generate gains if you combine it with a robust risk management strategy.
  • Want to be very active or more passive?
  • Comfortable holding positions overnight, or do you want to enter and exit during the course of a trading session?
  • Would you prefer trading the popular Stocks or perhaps the more exotic , volatile and less liquid?
  • Whether you are a value investor or like trading momentum. These questions will help guide you toward developing a trading strategy that matches your trading personality
  • Market has three well defined movements which fit into each other – Daily, thirty to forty days & four to six years
  • Book Method: Narrow ranges refer to distribution or accumulation stages
  • Theory of double top: When stock reaches at top it declines moderately to go up further higher. If keep on going down then it goes distinctly down..

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