On the one hand there is NATO and its allies who hold major decision power in the world Bank & IMF, Pakistan’s major Money masters. As you can see below their hold on IMF.

USA 16.4 UK 4.03 Germany 5.31 France 4.03 Japan 6.05 Saudi 2.01 China 6.08 Russia 2.59


On the other hand Pakistan has the requirement of $ 30 B for current year to fulfill its financial obligations locally and internationally. The oil and energy prices along with commodity prices will be the other challenge . This is the real challenge which is faced by our ruling regime.

Let’s see how the people of Pakistan and Government embrace this challenge. Although Pakistan has already survived the Afghan War and War on Terror – But this time on the financial fronts and against our old friend & allies. Survival is the name of the game – Let’s Play hard..



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