Research observed that the pharma companies offer information to the public on “modern” lifestyle diseases, such as stress and poor eating habits, with the prime objective that people would ask their doctors for medicines

Research indicates that unethical pharmaceutical marketing practices have become an acceptable norm of the pharmaceutical industry, and almost all the pharmaceutical companies patronized these unethical practices in collaboration with doctors, government and private hospitals, health related agencies and pharmacies at the cost of patients’ well being.

“Drug companies use unscrupulous and unethical marketing tactics not only to influence doctors to prescribe their products but also subtly to persuade consumers that they need them.” The findings are based on the marketing practices of 20 of the world’s biggest drug companies. The report alleges that “Drug companies are promoting their products through patients groups, students and SOCIAL MEDIA to bypass the ban on advertising except to doctors .

Globally, a huge imbalance in the financial resources available for promotional versus independent information exists. As a result consumers and prescribers are generally subject to a positive information bias: the benefits of medicine use tend to be exaggerated, the risks downplayed

An estimated 20 percent of pharmaceutical companies’ budgets are spent on marketing; of this money, 20 percent is spent on training and maintaining medical representatives, 30 percent for advertising in the scientific and lay media, and 50 percent for special methods such as stalls at scientific meetings, sponsored dinner meetings for invited doctors, and the publication and distribution of books.

A research carried out also observed that doctors prescribe those medicines that are actively promoted by medical representative. The authors observed that the pharma company uses conferences and seminars for entertaining doctor’s unethical demand of traveling, and lodging etc.

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