Response to My all Dear Friends.

With the rise of social media and influencer culture, it seems like blogging has reached its peak. No longer limited to niche hobbies, almost everyone has a blog now in some form or another. Almost every one sending daily WhatsApp messages according to their likings from religion to Politics for the same reasons.

If I am looking for an incentive to keep up to date on all of the latest information on things of my interest, starting a blog is a great start. My weekly quest to put up new content will lead me to always be searching for new information and sharing it with my readers.

Why and for what I am blogging?

“The only unique contribution you can offer the world is to be who you actually are and no one else”

Its everyone’s able bodied responsibility to be of some use to a people. Think about it, if we all and i mean everyone, only consumed and never provided then we would cease to exist as a society. There’s always a way to contribute weather it’s a skill to produce a useful product/service such as building things or entertaining others or maybe its caretaking of the disabled or elderly. There’s always something or a way but when you are a drain on society by only consumption then how you are surviving and thriving is only fraudulent and selfish behavior.

Even prisoners in the penial system are given opportunity to be of some service. Of course some are not but they would be categorized as disabled. Its all about being thoughtful to some degree of others. Is there any other way that one could sustain their own life otherwise? Being a team player makes life a little easier. You have to give in order to receive.

I have been doing Data Research for more than 20 years in corporate sector. As I was learning social media, I realized there were no authentic public data for Pakistan and its perception – they are all biased or based on assumptions. Hence, I decided to blend two things that I love doing business of data molding with: facts and perceptions. As I will grow my own social media presence and blog, I will compile Pakistan Marketing all-in-one for most dummies.

No amount of reading can prepare me for how quickly things change in the world. Just as I have learn one thing, I have to re-learn it all over again. Google algorithms are a prime example. The gate posts are always moving, forcing you to change your approach over and over.

It’s not just Google either. Facebook and other social networks are always changing to reflect their business goals, which may not align with your own.

My passion is to help my colleagues, entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and use the data regarding Pakistan to their fullest advantage. I also do that for the business in & outside Pakistan.

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