People want to know more about affiliate marketing websites in pakistan. List is based on the distribution of revenue.

What is Affiliate Marketing:

If you have a product and you want to sell more you can offer financial incentive to promoters through an affiliate program if you don’t have a product you want to make money you can advertise a product that you value and earn money online as an affiliate marketer. I hope that you are looking at these affiliate marketing example. I will give you some inspiration with your own sites and will show you that the affiliate marketing does not have to be cheesy. let’s start at the bottom of the list.

Number 10 just a girl in her blog. just a girl in her blog is one of my personal favorite affiliate website mostly because it is so close to what true of so many of us like to do sell stuff through the amazon associate program this blog is run by a girl named abby who writes about DIY crafts and organization it is extremely popular blog and since we shares our income reports we know that she makes about 40000 plus us dollar per month of the revenue nearly 75 percent comes from the affiliate marketing niche DIY and organizing founder abelarson gold helping people organize and beauty fight their lives key challenge very journal mix of content.

Number nine the points guy it is no secret that some of the biggest affiliate sites or there are in the finance and travel spaces this point guy however is one of the few who seems to have cracked social traffic with as much success as their correct organic traffic this site is all about credit cards in travel especially it is about how to leverage the benefits credit card companies and travel companies offer you for taking different actions so that you can travel cheaply to that end this site is masterful combination of solving a problem for people plus recommending products from which they earn affiliate commissions niche credit cards and travel gold travel and credit card hacking key challenge extremely competitive niche.

Number eight, making sense of sense. Making sense of sense is another finance site but crucially it was created and is run by one person michelle gordon so unlike some of the bigger finances site in this list michelle writes all content and blog herself making the angle more personal advice and coming from personal experience then a large site with a team of expert and that has paid off for the big time michelle publishes her income reports on her blog and one of the last income reportedly her monthly revenue was 125000 u.s dollar so in time of individual blogger doing well with an affiliate product michelle is way up there nietz personal and family finance founder michelle garner gold help people budget and save money key challenge started as a personal blog with low resources.

Number seven this is why i am broke. this is why i am broke is an old staple of affiliate marketing space i like it through because it was among the first affiliate website to really to do the gift and novelty aggression angle well and that’s what the site was better than pretty much anybody he taps on to internet and pop culture finds the strange crap that appeals people’s sense of fun and points is on consumer trend like some kind of digital land trope today in instance the very first entry an alcohol vaporizer slot machine on sale for mere 900 us dollar even a marketeer it is difficult for me not to click half of these affiliate links niche novelty items and gift call find weird and wacky stuff on spread on key challenge no clear theme of search engines number.

Number six, 50m helps reader choose between two of the most popular automation tools in the market on top port and infusionsoft these tools run into the hundreds of dollars each month and represent a big spend of any market year by creating ultra focus hyper targeted content 50m makes the selection process easier and in the process makes bank this is kind of site and a reader can make with tons of efforts and guardians of course the site is pretty much a master class in creating high value high impact product reviews. There are tons you can learn from it also read on niche automation software reviews goal to help marketeers choose between infusionsoft and own dropout key challenge to get traffic and establish credibility and hyper targeting niche with expensive products.

Number five pc part picker, the premise of the site is basically that it is tool for the people who want to build their own computers usually gaming computers if you have never done it it is difficult part about building a computer is almost always the research new computer parts are coming out constantly so you have to find the latest part that fits your budget and are also compatible with each other. It has been enormously successful niche computer parts gold help people build computers key challenge low commissions.

Number four shopify, affiliate program this is one of the most leading e-commerce software especially used by bloggers and online retailers it is the best website for all those in niches where these audience will be also trying to sell online you earn a lot per reference it includes entrepreneurs educator influencers and content creator it is a platform worth recommending to people

Number three the wire cutter the wire cutter is one of the internet’s favorite review affiliate website for electronics gadgets and consumer goods it was started by brian lam the former editorial director of gizmodo brian and team put our reviewed products through the strenuous in innovative tests so much this site is sometimes called my bestest for gadgets since his birth in 2011 the wire cutter has grown into one of the top six thousand sites online by instantly focusing on finding the best product in each category niche consumer product reviews founder brian lam the goal to help people find the best product in every consumer category. Key challenge to design innovative tests and select the best product possible without being sweared by the commercial interest

Number two money saving expert helps ordinary people make better financial decision think of it as a financial education for the masses that help people get more bang for their buck the site was started by martin lewis a financial journalist in 2003 today it’s ranked one of the biggest consumer affiliate website in uk with over 8 million visits every month in the field filled with self-serving information and obvious knowledge money saving expert msc has managed to set itself apart thanks to its content quality and devotion to helping consumer the site was sold to in 2012 for 87 million pound the neet personal finance founder martin leves goal to help ordinary people make better financial decisions key challenge to provide ethical accurate and updated financial information in a sector marked by the self-serving interests .

Number one amazon affiliates. amazon is very popular and widely used site among all the others this only marketplace can deliver anything from as small as a candy to your full functional drone to your doorstep the best thing about amazon affiliate is once someone has visited your website clicked your affiliate link you will earn a commission for all purchases they will make in next 24 hours it is a massively diverse selection of products causing order to be far larger than the one product link they clicked on.

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