Our expertise and knowledge have helped us to create multichannel distributions that result in measurable business outcomes for our clients. All skills & services are synchronized around some common goals – to show our clients results and prove project ROI. It’s what makes us special.


Catch on Pakistan’s life. The main core of the marketing promotion is advertising a service, a product or a brand, raising a customer’s interest, influence on a purchase and creating brand’s loyalty. Like Steuart Henderson Britt said: “Doing business without promotion advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.” It means that promotion is one of the most important & effective things for every business. When people know & talk about your brand with each other, then you can be sure that your brand is alive. Our marketing services team know how to do the promotion.


Catch on Pakistan’s face. It is the front side of every business. The attention of potential customers to in the websites or ads is focused during 3 seconds. It depends on content & design if a potential client continue looking for the solution to its needs or not. The design also helps to influence a brand`s image or make a final decision to buy. Marketing design is a combined method of design and information-development which is similar to media intervention, for example the way media communicate with people. We will recommend you the design of your product for each media


Catch on Pakistan’s mobility. Mobile marketing is a performance that takes place via mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. That kind of marketing is a way in which technology can provide personalized services or goods to a user who is often connected to the Internet via their mobile device. “Not every business needs a mobile app, but every business needs a mobile marketing strategy”. More than 2,5 billion people use social media via that devices. That is why every brand can increase profits due to its mobility.


Catch on Pakistan’s budget for living. That collection of the services helps startups to find early-stage investors or team for their projects. Early-stage investors are partners or firms who fund start-up businesses and their projects, generally when these projects are just starting and are still in the development stages or market research. Also, such services help startups to prepare for the meeting with investors: to conduct a presentation or to make the necessary documents for them.


Catch on Pakistan’s family. It is significant to have the possibility to hire the particular expert when you very need it. Catch on Pakistan proposes that service for you. An out staffing supplier might work best for your business’s project, we recommend going this way if you want to build relationships with particular employees that can work on a project. This choice is especially useful for companies that already have directing partners and managers who are competent for managing development projects, but who aren’t able to be in the position or to fulfil positions in-house.


Catch on Pakistan’s omniscience. Nowadays old-school marketing doesn’t work properly. Moreover every day people create new methods of promotion & product development. Todays, Catch on Pakistan determines that it is very useful to have multichannel or omnichannel strategies for the own brand. For ex. omnichannel marketing attempts to close the gap by providing customers with a combined experience across touchpoints and devices (mobile or desktop). That’s why we don’t make just simple apps or websites, we create these things on the basis of brand’s marketing strategies.

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Nasir Saeed Tareen

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