FMCG – Supply Chain Need an Accelerated Performance Introduction: We reached that stage, the habits cultivated for the COVID era are likely to stay for a longer time. One of them is the dependence on digital for everyday needs from shopping to banking, entertainment, and even education. One sector that may ultimately face disruptive effects due to the new normal is FMCG […]

Salary Income Tax Rates / Slabs 2022-23

Tax calculator

Salary Income Tax About 1.24 million salaried people have filed income tax returns for the tax year 2021. Of them, 333,000 fall in the income tax exemption slab of Rs50,000 per month. This slab is still exempted. Please see the tax comparison of last year and new tax bracket. You can also calculate your fate […]

Three Steps to Improve Quality of Relational Capital

What is relationship Capital: The network of people and companies that represent your leadership team, attorneys, board, clients, intermediaries, partners, suppliers, and employees constitute your relationship capital. These relationships underpin other types of capital, for example, your firm’s reputation, brand, and intellectual property. The three types of intellectual capital which make up the intangible value of […]

The Battle For Lithium – Reached New Heights


LITHIUM metal is emerging with a very high hope in future, especially its requirement for the battery industry for electrical cars and mobile phones. In China, over the weekend, the battle for lithium reached new heights. On Saturday, an auction that lasted five days and six nights finally came to an end: A majority stake in […]

Catch the Pulse of Pakistan’s Housing Market

Pakistan’s real estate state has made a major contribution to its economic development. According to the World Bank calculation, the size of the country’s real estate assets is between 60 and 70 percent of the country’s total wealth; if these figures are extended to Pakistan, the approximate size of the real estate sector is between $300 and $400 billion

E Commerce and Magic of Direct Contact

Manufacturing businesses have embraced e-commerce because it streamlines the process of purchasing and selling components and products to other businesses.

Circular Economy of Pakistan – Where it will go

With the fashion industry being subjected to criticism due to its environmentally harmful practices in the world, retailers have responded swiftly by introducing a new era of ’fashion re-commerce.


One Month to start business in Pakistan

It is now getting easier to start business in Pakistan in the quickest way. The Govt. functionaries & BOI are together in these efforts. They chalk out he following steps in this regards: