Salary Income Tax Rates / Slabs 2022-23

Tax calculator

Salary Income Tax About 1.24 million salaried people have filed income tax returns for the tax year 2021. Of them, 333,000 fall in the income tax exemption slab of Rs50,000 per month. This slab is still exempted. Please see the tax comparison of last year and new tax bracket. You can also calculate your fate […]

Three Steps to Improve Quality of Relational Capital

What is relationship Capital: The network of people and companies that represent your leadership team, attorneys, board, clients, intermediaries, partners, suppliers, and employees constitute your relationship capital. These relationships underpin other types of capital, for example, your firm’s reputation, brand, and intellectual property. The three types of intellectual capital which make up the intangible value of […]

Pakistani – Rich getting More Rich


I believe and I say it is true Democratic feeling, that all the measures of the Government are directed to the purpose of making the rich richer and the poor poorer. William Henry Harrison

Cloud Seeding In Pakistan? – The Smart Water Solution

Cloud seeding

Science and technology has advanced so much that there is nothing left undone or unexplored. People have reached the skies, literally. cloud seeding programs may be taken more seriously (now) by water managers and agencies affected by ongoing drought conditions. cloud seeding won’t solve our water problems, but it could be a tool we use. ““It’s not a drought-busting technology, but it can increase a bad year and make a normal year better