How Pakistan will play the Survival Game? Russia – Ukraine Conflict

Let’s see how the people of Pakistan and Government embrace this challenge. Although Pakistan has already survived the Afghan War and War on Terror – But this time on the financial fronts and against our old friend & allies. Survival is the name of the game – Let’s Play hard..

Develop Service sector in GDP- Develop Pakistan

Service sector

GDP Growth In Pakistan with Services – #pakistan #economy The services sector recovered in FY21 posting a growth of 4.4%. This lead to an increase in its share in GDP to 62%. – Positive growth in services sector is attributed to the GoP’s PKR 1.24tn stimulus package to support the economy.

Pakistan Auto Market – Inside

Pakistan’s Automobile industry contributes (2.8%) to its GDP and 30 billion rupees to the national exchequer in terms of taxes and duties. Pakistan is home to the world’s sixth largest population with a growing middle class. There are approximately 17 million middle class households and 102 million middle class individuals as of 2018. Pakistan’s automobile […]

Pakistan – Tax Collection and Informal Economy


 Indirect taxes such as consumption tax and taxes on goods and services are seems not significant and inefficient in maximizing the collection of tax revenue due to the existence of a large informal economy which can be related to the non-taxable sectors especially in developing countries. Data link Ministry of Finance.

NO Sales Tax in Oil Price Component – Pakistan 2022

Changes in gasoline and diesel prices in Pakistan mirror those of crude oil prices, which are determined in the global crude oil market by the worldwide demand for and supply of crude oil. Per-barrel costs for crude oil – the No. 1 factor in the cost of producing gasoline and diesel – reflecting the global […]

Agriculture Development in Pakistan With New Technologies

Drone in Agriculture

Agriculture is the largest sector of the economy of Pakistan in terms of labor participation. Livelihood of the majority of the population directly or indirectly depends on it. Its contribution to GDP has gradually decreased to 19.3 percent however there is a lot of potential in the sector to increase its share in GDP through […]