Salary Income Tax Rates / Slabs 2022-23

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Salary Income Tax About 1.24 million salaried people have filed income tax returns for the tax year 2021. Of them, 333,000 fall in the income tax exemption slab of Rs50,000 per month. This slab is still exempted. Please see the tax comparison of last year and new tax bracket. You can also calculate your fate […]

How World Catch On Pakistan – UN Capacities Index

“Productive capacities are the productive resources, entrepreneurial capabilities and production linkages that together determine a country’s ability to produce goods and services that will help it grow and develop.” The PCI covers 193 economies for the period 2000-2018.

Develop Service sector in GDP- Develop Pakistan

Service sector

GDP Growth In Pakistan with Services – #pakistan #economy The services sector recovered in FY21 posting a growth of 4.4%. This lead to an increase in its share in GDP to 62%. – Positive growth in services sector is attributed to the GoP’s PKR 1.24tn stimulus package to support the economy.